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With the B3000 router, Vodafone has the new LTE router which would replace the predecessor B2000 and B1000. Of course, the new router Vodafone B3000 has upgraded technical specifications and some new features for the ongoing LTE network modernization. Find out here what the LTE router excels and where are differences from the B2000 .       Features and characteristics of Vodafone B3000 Manufacturer and Original Model Huawei B593s-22 Download rate up Up to 150 MBit/s Upload rate up Up to 50 Mbit/s Supported LTE bands: LTE (FDD) 2600MHz/2100 MHz/1800MHz/900MHz/800MHz LTE (TDD) 2600MHz Backward compatible with: HSPA, HSPA+; UMTS (900/2100 MHz); GSM MIMO Support: MIMO 2×2 Connector for external antenna yes, 2 SMA sockets(Buy Vodafone B3000 Antenna ) Category: LTE modem category 4 (CAT4) Telephone With integrated PABX Yes, VOIP SIP Client Connection for analog phones Yes, 2xRJ11 DECT No integrator with Voice Mail – Network | LAN & WLAN LAN Ports 4 LAN ports (RJ45) Wi-Fi standards WLAN 802.11b / g / n for up to 32 users 5 GHz Wi-Fi support No Coding WEP, WPA, WPA2 USB yes, 2x USB 2.0 Mass weight 194 x 177 x 64 mm at 450 grams Information material Manual Not yet available online available since … May 2014 Comparison of other models "All" B "router models at a glance Available at … .4gltemall.com     Technology     From the appearance, its hard to find differences with the B2000. On the front body, there is Vodafone logo, however, on the back stock, we can find the its based on the new version of the B593 from Huawei, the label indicates the model is B593s-22. The most important innovation: The LTE modem can now also handle LTE category 4. Therefore, theoretically it can achieve data rates of 150Mbps. However, LTE CAT4 is currently only available in urban centers, i.e big cities with over 100 thousand residents.     Unfortunately, Wi-Fi with AC standard is not yet on the list of specifications. Users must therefore continue to take a maximum of 802.11n to be surf. Whats more, the B3000 provides 4 LAN ports on the back along with 2 USB ports.     Telephone and reception     Through two RJ11 jacks, analog telephones can be operated via VOIP. A SIP client is integrated. Since IP telephone with LTE for home is not a shortcoming, demanding users will however still rather resort to a Fritz box, as regards this point. In terms of wireless network compatibility, the B3000 could support all major LTE bands in Europe, including LTE FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz and TDD 2600MHz.   In addition, of course, it would work well with all relevant 3G and 2G predecessor standards, including the 3G data turbo DC-HSDPA+, which allowed data rates of up to 42.2 Mbit/s. The Vodafone B3000 doesnt have SIM lock, so it can be used to beyond Germany or user can change provider to other network operators.     Availability The first New customers will receive the B3000 since about April 2014. Now the Vodafone B3000 is available on .4gltemall.. at good price. Since its already one year, here now there are more new LTE wireless routers available with new features, such as Vodafone B4000 , Huawei E5186. If you want a router with future proof, you can check more details about the new LTE category routers. 相关的主题文章:

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