Wang Tianpu, former general manager of Sinopec case involving 33 million 470 thousand of the case –

The former general manager of Sinopec Wang Tianpu court case involving up to 33 million 470 thousand people’s daily news client – Sohu news November 8th, November 8, 2016, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the former party members, the general manager of the China Petrochemical Corp Wang Tianpu bribery, corruption case. Nanchang City People’s Procuratorate send personnel to support the prosecution in court, the defendant Wang Tianpu and his defenders to take part in the proceedings. Nanchang Municipal People’s Procuratorate charged: from 2003 to 2014, the defendant Wang Tianpu use his position as a director of China Petrochemical Corp, general manager, Party members, convenient post China Petroleum Chemical Co vice chairman and President of the convenience and authority, position, to seek benefits for others to undertake the project, work arrangements and other matters in business, and soliciting or illegally received another grant of property totaling RMB 3347.658376 yuan. On February 2008, the defendant Wang Tianpu use his position as president of China Petroleum Chemical Co, China Petrochemical Corp party members taking advantage of his position, illegal possession of state-owned assets of 795 thousand and 934 yuan. For taking bribes, embezzlement and criminal responsibility of Wang Tianpu, Wang Tianpu to be graft. In the trial, the prosecution presented evidence, Wang Tianpu and his defenders were cross examination, both parties fully express their views, Wang Tianpu made a final statement in court, pleaded guilty to repentance. Nanchang Municipal People’s Congress, CPPCC members, journalists and people from all walks of life more than 60 people attended the trial. Finally, the court adjourned the trial, scheduled for sentencing.相关的主题文章:

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