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Warcraft 7.1: the exposure of the contents of game player will face the Archmage Maddie Wen [Abstract] Warcraft 7.1 return to Cara like video preview: game player Maddie face, from the latest trailer, opera new beauty and the beast, and the pirates and fish play. World of Warcraft 7.1 army coming back to Cara Chan Chan Cara Cara praised the new preview copy is a copy of the new five, but Cara praised outside will also have a series of tasks, and Khadka together. The new version of Cara’s difficulty will be slightly higher than the other five copies of the epic, copies of cooling time for a week, a copy of the drop is even better. A copy of the contents included Alice in Wonderland, hang Cara Zan, new chess, opera also has a new play. The new version of Cara will join the new area and the new boss. From the latest trailer, opera new beauty and the beast, and the pirates and fish play. The courage trial team a copy of the test of courage is a mini team copy of Odin and the story of Helya, the storm occurred in the fjord and valhalla. Courage will also contain a copy of a copy of the team tested the Illidan story line. The courage trial will fall a copy of the team good accessories, the copy opening time will be between the emerald nightmare and night fortress. Su Lamar new game content and game player need to fall the night elves together to fight against the children of the night elves, they stop to provide energy for gul’dan. The new weekly campaign, a total of about nine weeks. From the game player feedback, Sulama map is very popular.相关的主题文章:

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