When Fmla Ends And Ada Begins. The Fmlaada Crossover Coordination, Management, And .pliance Stra-bloxorz

Business Description Do you refrain from terminating employees because you are concerned about running afoul with either the FMLA or ADA and do not want a lawsuit? This interactive Webinar workshop will help you understand when and how you can have confidence to terminate employees if they are not .plying with notification and intermittent leaves as they relate to both FMLA and the ADA. Learn when enough is enough, and how to clearly document the process to avoid costly lawsuits. This webinar provides an overview of areas in which the biggest mistakes are made. It is an opportunity for HR and Payroll professionals to learn strategies for consistent application of .pliance regulations. We will cover the significant differences between the FMLA and ADA notification process and the medical certification documentation required to determine eligibility for leave. We will also explain the difference between notification, required documentation and the confirmation of your .panys ability to ac.modate without undue hardship. This webinar will introduce simple .pliance strategies, to help you clearly understand the intent of both the FMLA and ADAAA when ac.modating requests for intermittent leave that include a request for an ac.modation. We will also discuss these aspects as they apply to intermittent FMLA, ADA ac.modation requests, and Workers .pensation light duty as it relates to the need to obtain medical documentation under both the FMLA and the ADAAAA. Areas Covered: – Clarification of employee notifications as they apply to both FMLA and ADAAA in an intermittent and reduced schedule leave environment. – Explanation on how to respond to intermittent leave requests that include a potential or specific ADA ac.modation. – How to respond to ADA / Workers .pensation light duty restrictions as they relate to FMLA intermittent and reduced schedule leave. – Documentation guidelines that will help your .pany stay out of court and/or avoid settling claims. – When to hold a good faith meeting and how to document the process. – What notification is required at various timelines in the FMLA / ADA leave and ac.modation process. – Medical releases to obtain additional data outside of the FMLA medical certification. – When you can terminate an employee who has exhausted their FMLA benefits without running afoul with the ADAAA – Specific case studies will be evaluated to illustrate various scenarios that can cause confusion and leave a .pany open to potential litigation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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