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Xi Jinping to the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Expo letter resonate – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Lanzhou in September 20, 20 days, President Xi Jinping to the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) international cultural exhibition attracted participants congratulatory letter and relevant persons resonate. To attend the Dunhuang fair of the University of Oxford professor Heather said that cultural integration and cooperation and development are very important to the world. "Cultural exchange provides us with a platform for mutual understanding and friendship. We hope to use this platform to find a cooperative cultural projects to promote bilateral cultural exchanges and development." The interview participants felt that the letter reiterated the equality between different cultures, sharing ideas, to the country with the aid of "The Belt and Road" this platform to cope with global challenges and crisis has implications. "China’s leaders to convey a message to us, different religions, different cultures, different countries can use the platform built by China to gather together to discuss and understand each other. This also means that China’s tolerance for multiculturalism, we have to learn from." Belgium, chairman of the China Economic and Trade Commission, said dewitt. Deputy director of the national cultural industry base, innovation and development of the academic committee of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hu Huilin members believe that the letter of President Xi Jinping is of guiding significance to take others long strength to strengthen cultural exchanges and mutual learning together. "Mutual" is an important proposition, various nationalities, various forms of civilization is to see their own weaknesses, to see the strengths of others, to be able to carry out the deep cooperation and exchanges in the humanities "The Belt and Road ‘construction, to achieve interoperability." Gansu some cadres and the cultural and art workers said in an interview, to strengthen cultural exchanges in the congratulatory letter ", advocating cultural equality, protection of cultural heritage, promote cultural innovation, strengthen cultural cooperation", is the future good cultural work guidance, cultural and art workers should be carefully designed to practice. Gansu provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Zhang Jianchang said, in the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message, is also encouraging spur. "We must make further efforts in strategic positioning, planning design in Kung Fu, and strive to do the fair brand and characteristics." Gansu Dunhuang folk artist Li Haiming thinks, strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation, not only is a government thing, every artist should consciously assume the responsibility of cultural messengers, play their own initiative, to participate in the countries along the Silk Road to folk cultural exchange. (reporter Jiang Weichao, Zhang Wenjing, and Wang Bo)相关的主题文章:

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