Zhang Haoran’s exploration of the Canadian border wave sweater xiaohuangmao Qiangjing www.zjzs.net

Zhang Haoran’s exploration of the Canadian border wave sweater xiaohuangmao Qiangjing Tencent entertainment news recently, complete the wave point in the song recorded male god Zhang Haoran following Paris, New York before the wave trip once again opened a new journey, it is reported that the Zhang Haoran in Canada will work with friends when he and Quan Chengshi share the story of little wave. Zhang Haoran said, A+Fashion Studio will take you to find the wave of the world, with my travel diary to share with you the point mark. The day before the online exposure of Zhang Haoran travel diary, a detailed record of his drip. Starting from the first flight to Canada feelings diary million "Maple" situation, from the local delicacy to the lakeside town of various wave point elements from Niagara Falls to travel to capture, Zhang Haoran words to share his wonderful chance with Toronto, to capture the unique story he and wave with lens. The latest release of the photo, Zhang Haoran dressed in blue and white polka dot T-shirt denim shorts, wearing xiaohuangmao, with colorful sunglasses, particularly eye-catching, take you to explore the Canadian border from time to time he self sell adorable, holding a lollipop in Maple rich multicolored decorations easily pose. As an advocate and promoter of wave culture, life wave everywhere Zhang Haoran, had been with the fashion designers cross-border cooperation with the wave clothing Paris, New York international cooperation stage, he and his A+ Fashion Studio and the brand in the opinion leaders of cross-border cooperation with other clothing, photography and other fields after going on, the trip to Canada is another big cross-border movement exciting.相关的主题文章:

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