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Zhengzhou woman fitness for 4 years since the XL code S code motion is surgery the best big Ting running fitness   from one hundred and twenty pounds to one hundred pounds   from XL code to S code successfully transformed into a goddess! The picture above is the end of the college entrance examination as a result of the college entrance examination changed greatly! I can not attend # University was the topic of a cosmetic hospital #? Ha ha ha   exercise can let you make only superficial changes, right! Today, I will share their experiences to give everyone a brainwashing inspire everyone! The extra baggage sector potential I was born destined to enter the extra baggage sector, I remember a few weight number in my life, the fourth grade primary school Grade 80 kg, 98 kg, 108 grade, and has been to university, I have 115 pounds to the sophomore semester, is reached 120 pounds, I like most girls, always shouting to lose weight, but still in the mouth to eat meat. Finally in 2014 of June when I wake up: I want to lose weight! I heard opposite the hostel students every day to run ten laps to lose weight the playground, I exclaimed when ten times day, ah! I can’t run two laps. But one day I went to the playground to the doings of ghosts and gods silently ran ten laps, and did not feel much pain, then second days, third days…… I started my running weight loss program. Running made me from XL to S, and I was two feet from the waist of the foot of a foot to a foot of nine by. For the first time in more than a week, I didn’t have any change in weight, but then one day when I stood on the electronic scale, I lost three or four pounds! After my running momentum is very large, this state continued to the end of last term, almost every day to run, preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination period still insist on six points up in the morning to go running, plus food is not very good, such as a home weight was only 94 pounds! It was my best time! Later review more and more pressure, plus the weather is cold, so I put the running, but in the life, I will still insist on climbing the stairs, learning stressful times will also go to the playground, PubMed ended, I quickly returned to the sport, now my weight remained at about 100 pounds. Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Zhengzhou is a trendsetter trendsetter trendsetter since the media is one of the most popular, belonging to Sina Henan. Provide local beauty, Ko Mio, cold high Hyun Master… Every week recommended shops (a period of special welfare!) Fashion information for the first time. Zhengzhou hot run group Zhengzhou hot running group Zhengzhou runners gathered on the shop on Zhengzhou’s most influential local stores into the shop account, information consumption of fresh delicacy and explore the city, with the most professional exploration shop mode, January 1-2 free tasting, popular delicacy discounts and free business information fans welfare. Zhengzhou freaky freaky circle circle of Zhengzhou is committed to creating the largest hot mom base in Zhengzhou, to provide education, preschool children’s growth, health, life and other information for the MILF, while not regularly provide a variety of benefits, come and join?相关的主题文章:

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